Video & Social Athletic Overview


This list is longer than The Great Serp Invade, and I am still working on it. You can see pieces I am developing in some of my blog posts, you can explore the September Video Overview for Indexed Athletic Brands.


I am tracking Sephora and using them as a benchmark for the success of video production done by Apparel Brands. The concept is simple- screw innovation. Sephora has the same target audience as athletic wear, do exactly what they are doing until you have their numbers. I will offer be displaying reporting on All of the companies comparing their video content to help see if they should off any improvements in their production.

October Video Monitoring

I will make this prettier later for reports!

Long term I hope to also do Snapchat and Instagram Stories, if not all social media, but I don’t have the time bandwidth for that right now and I need to explore tools to help this indexing occur more quickly.