The Great Onzie SERPS Invade

Onzie is a bit all over the place with their marketing. Often, beneath their logo reads “Flow” making it seem like the brand’s name might be Onzie Flow- it’s not quite positioned like a phrase you would say. Reading about the brand speaking of themselves makes it clear it is in fact Onzie. You might feel like this is a nit picky way of looking at them, but they are like this all over. This looseness to the brand makes their Serps rankings weak- and it emerges all over. It’s in their current Halloween tab in header- but they don’t sell costumes, they sell yoga clothes. It’s a fine blog article- but I see it and I’m confused.

The area where this isn’t true is in their images. Their images are high fashion level perfect and I know an Onzie picture when I see one. They have a distinct photography style, and their instagram is a wonder. You are lead down a purchase path right from their instagram. In terms of being a place a marketer gets lots of bragging rights, they are killing it. They are in News Papers! Modelling for them makes models feel fantastic and like they made it, so they will probably work for next to nothing. However, they lack the elbow grease aspects of marketing. Someone has to do the dirty work- and I feel who ever is doing it at Onzie doesn’t have their heart in it.

They do sell on Amazon, however, which means between their natural brand ranking and their Nordstrom & Amazon listings, they can be rough to break into some of the Serps. Another way to say it is they have little to no long tale, so if I researched hard enough I could find better terms. I’m just going to push for some they are already ranking for and revisit later.

TheHoth review of ranking keywords ( 10 / 24 / 2017 )

Main Beyond Yoga Items

    • Onzie Gypsy Pant
    • Onzie Nightfall Collection
    • Onzie Black Line
    • Onzie Abstract

Possible Beyond Yoga Keywords

Throwing some mud on the wall and seeing what sticks.

  • Onzie Legging
  • Onzie Yoga Capris
  • Onzie Long Legging
  • Onzie Sport Short
  • Onzie Tops
  • Onzie Pants
  • Onzie Skull Capri
  • Onzie Wholesale
  • Onzie Yoga Apparel
  • Onzie Yoga Shorts
  • Onzie Yoga Capris
  • Onzie Yoga Wear
  • Onzie Bra
  • Onzie Capri

Onzie is a strong brand that makes amazing images with amazing photographers- they are probably the most like a brand if I ran any kind of brand by myself. They are a little scattered, but I imagine it’s a small brand that has made some amazing wholesale accounts through their images- their goal is probably to sell through Nordstrom mostly and use that to just keep making awesome images. They are the closest to high fashion yoga I’ve seen, until you get to the more extreme levels like Chromat.