The Koral Yoga SERPS Invade

Koral uses top notch models and has a really beautiful feel to the website. It’s a lot like Onzie but it goes for more classic attractiveness and stays away from the artsy side. They are just about ready to push themselves into the Puma category of being too sexy to be fitness and are really just meant to be worn as just athleisure. They aren’t quite there yet but they are pushing it as a concept, so it’s what Paris Hilton might actually work out in as oppose to what she’d lounge around in.

TheHoth review of ranking keywords ( 10 / 24 / 2017 )

Attempts to be Indexed for ( 10 / 14 / 2017 )

Main Koral Yoga Items

    • Koral Jeans
    • Koral Denim
    • Koral Yoga Pants
    • Koral Sports Bra

Possible Koral Yoga Keywords

Throwing some mud on the wall and seeing what sticks.

  • Koral Shorts
  • Envy Leggings
  • Koral Pants
  • Divine Sports
  • Koral Shorts
  • Koral Leggings
  • Koral Clothes
  • Koral Work Out Clothes
  • Koral Athletic Clothes
  • Koral Activewear
  • Koral Yoga Leggings
  • Koral Models
  • Koral Maternity
  • Koral Jacket

Koral Yoga has less key words indexed than Climawear. They clock in at about 550, meaning they have less long tail items- but it also makes it harder to know what terms to go after. It would probably be better if I went after their exact item names as oppose to generic names, but I want to see where the about items land after making the pages.