The Climawear SERPS Invade

Climawear seems like they have a total of 700 indexed pages with Google. Talk about having some clear openings. That said the format and position of some of the elements makes me think the SEO was touched on the home page at some point, but they clearly aren’t going for long tail. Their pages are mostly large images of the product- making them have less SEO optimization than the typical Nordstrom page. In fact, their lack of visibility makes it hard to choose terms to even compete for. Their own brand name they are currently ranked #4, battling against people with a similar name.

TheHoth review of ranking keywords ( 10 / 25 / 2017 )

Attempts to be Indexed for ( 10 / 14 / 2017 )

Main Climawear Yoga Items

    • Climawear Yoga Pants
    • Climawear Leggings
    • Climawear Clothes
    • Climawear Work Out Clothes

Possible Climawear Keywords

Throwing some mud on the wall and seeing what sticks.

  • Climawear Yoga
  • Climawear Sports Bra
  • Climawear Runner
  • Climawear Crop
  • Climawear Bra
  • Climawear Singlet
  • Climawear Capri
  • Climawear Jacket
  • Climawear Shorts
  • Climawear Sale

Climawear is a brand that I’m mostly unsure about it’s positioning. It feels a little bit like an after thought of a bigger company that’s trying to cash in on the athletic wear craze, rather than like what more brands are- “empowering” and “wellness” messages all around. When we consider the lack of indexed pages on Climawear it supports this idea- it’s not a company that just does athletic wear, and if they do just do athletic wear, they are under such a stranglehold of expanding their brand that it leaves their visual impression very small.