The Great Nordstrom Athletic SERP Invade

There is an interesting problem with retail accounts and wholesale accounts. Neither want to compete with each other in long tail SERPs, which leaves large openings in the SERPs neither want to address. I’m experimenting with how effectively I can start injecting my brand into the holes to show marketers how easily they could start hijacking relevant terms. I don’t expect I’ll be able to get #1 in these search terms, but on the first page as a minimum. It will also show more openings in the long tail space as I explore these concepts more.

This is best used by a marketer that understands the fundamentals of SEO and who has the ability to easily make new pages and blog posts. The poison pill of becoming a wholesale company? You often lose your ability to write articles and create content in the way you could when smaller. Throw in a micromanaging CEO and a webmaster who is interested in protecting his fiefdom and you have yourself in a position where you can see these openings but you can’t make movement. Knowing this about most brands that are going into wholesale accounts, this information might also be best for people who want to become influencers or resellers.

Brands – Nov 1st:

The Great Beyond Yoga SERP Invade – UI

The Great Alo Yoga SERP Invade – UI

The Great Onzie SERP Invade – UI

The Great Climawear SERP Invade – 41

The Great Reebok SERP Invade – UI

The Great Koral Yoga SERP Invade – 26



There are better tools and methods out there, but I wanted to do this with free tools- mostly. The none free tools will only be used to help increase my rankings, not help me discover the openings.

First, let’s have an understanding of how well these brands are ranking in their own SERPs. Let’s head over to TheHoth and see how well they are ranking more generally- TheHoth is good for when you are first launching a website but unless you are ready to spend hundreds on SEO tools you will outgrow it quickly. It also doesn’t update it’s index as quickly as Google Webmaster Tools- so expect to only use TheHoth once a month per website (check individual pages for rankings and of the above brands).

Setting myself up to find keywords, I take the keywords gathered from the TheHoth and I use Google Adword’s Keyword Planner Tool. Then I manually check search teams that contain the brand’s name to see how well they are ranking. Using SEOMoz MozBar Addon I can check the current optimization of the page and mark down if it’s worth a try. I also monitor the brands tightly and notice what new products / services / keywords they are using and make sure to get into the rankings early with them.

Alright, I have the lists for the brands, now to set up my own blog posts that focus solely on the keyword to try to get the hijack going. To make each blog post the best it can be they need at least 300 words, unique images, YouTube videos complimenting them, and being interlinked with the other keywords.


Phase 1: Generate a list of possible keywords.

Phase 2: Create a landing Page for each term I’ve selected using keyword tools.

Phase 3: Optimize the pages I believe I can climb with, expand content.

Phase 4: Create unique image content for each of the pages.

Phase 5: Create unique video content for each of the items.

Phase 6: Final Onpage Optimization phase.

Phase 7: Try to find inbound links for the keywords.

Phase 8: Review my Full Position. If relatively successful, find new key words. If unsuccessful, abandon project.

End Goal

The end goal is simple- get High Funnel traffic headed to my website through these terms. That is the entire end goal- to invade the serps and hijack traffic that could be going to other landing pages.