I’ve been pushing my way into everything fashion related in the pacific North West since 2013.

My unluxurious photography portfolio is updated regularly, with online editorials released 3 times a week and digital portfolio items being added once a week. I looked into the magazine game, and I discovered it was currently a mess so I wanted to stay entirely out of it.

With a growing post reach of 200 daily and over 3000 monthly unique visitors engaged online, we’ll ensure every reader receives their diverse and daily dose of all the legendary Seattle faces, high fashion philosophy, art and illustration that make our cause pause and reflection in our world.

“All the way in Glen Cove, New York, a story of love, passion, fashion, heartbreak, and art is just in it’s infancy. A man, Jesse Dictor, one of wit, intelligence, and ambition, works day in and day out as a  Cosmetics Surgery Marketer. He enjoys his work, the travels and interactions it brings. But little does he know, one spark was about to change it all. Enter our mystery woman set to change Jesse’s life forever. She was a Model Designer, spending her days indulged in the fashion industry. Showing him her world he became enamored with Fashion Marketing and Photography.

She struck a “Passion for Fashion” in him so intense he left his career behind to focus fully on Fashion Marketing and Photography. When the two chose to pursue their passion separately, he made his way out west. He landed in Seattle, Washington. Jesse picked up work as a Commercial Photographer for many Fashion brands in Seattle.

While still pursuing this path today, he became interested in the works of Nick Knight, a British Fashion photographer, and a few other artists like him. The stunning fashion portraits evoked within him such emotion he knew he had found his direction in the Fashion Photography world. On his own, he is know pursuing his calling to create more artistically driven photos working with local talent. Still humble, he treats everyone he works with with the upmost respect and professionalism. Highly rated by those who have worked with him, Jesse has a bright present and even brighter future ahead.”

Kelley Hopkins, professional model, describing Jesse Dictor