I wanted to take the time to spend a year mastering a certain photography style. 2018 Seattle Fashion will be in black and white. I’ll be releasing a black and white set of a model every month with the aim of being published as well. Prints will be available. At the end of 2018, a black and white art book will be available.

Creating my own Black and White(ish) Actions

Before 2018 has happened, people have been seeing my black and white edits and have been interested in them. A band has even wanted to hire me to fly to Texas to shoot them just because of the edits. I’m not about hoarding all the simple secrets to create barriers of entry for photographers. So I’m going to start making the actions, and also make guides to how you could make them yourself, and explain what is going on in each step. This is for people with basic Photoshop skills who are looking to start editing their photography and don’t know where to start.


  • Basic White Cyc B&W
  • Blue Hue