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A model I work with often down at my studio, Rashi Kukke recently picked up a sponsorship with Haus De Luxe Jewelry. Haus De Luxe Jewelry has recently been reaching out to models looking to help get the word of her brand out in many different communities and she found a perfect fit with the athletic Indian model. The brand itself is a bit fantasy and goth for my taste (it is marketed as more of a raver brand) but I see it fitting in very well with many fantasy themed photographers.

I’d encourage you to reach out to Rashi Kukki if you are interested shooting with her for her sponsorship, if she doesn’t just intend to take photos herself from her phone. If you are Seattle based, it might be good to pay attention to Haus De Luxe Jewelry. It costs about 200 for a full set for both hands which is a little steep for an accessory, but might be worth while with the right budget.

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