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When competing with any of their privately owned brands, Amazon isn’t famously known for playing fair. When asking Alexa about products, it has been shown to offer their private label options before non-private label, and sometimes only offer private label solutions before it says it has ran out of ideas. With L2 researchers identifying 29 private fashion brands associated with Amazon and while they do make sure you know it is an Amazon owned brand, they still tend to rank better than their unowned brands. It’s unsure if its because of a masterful hand at Amazon SEO (Optimizing their page to rank well) or with them being tricky. In some ways, if they hold all the secrets to the ranking algyrthm, it can’t possibly be fair to compete with them as their ranking rules aren’t transparent. That’s before even noticing they are using the sponsored slots for their own brand when no one else is paying- I’m unsure if they are paying themselves and unsure how that would even work.

Here are the 29 privately owned apparel brands on Amazon:

Apparel and Shoes
Brand Product
Rebel Canyon Athleisure
Goodsport Activewear
Peak Velocity Activewear
Core 10 Women’s Activewear
Trailside Supply Co. Men’s Outerwear
Crafted Collar Men’s Shirts
Buttoned Down Men’s Shirts
Goodthreads Men’s Shirts and Pants
Arabella Women’s Sleepwear
Franklin & Freeman Men’s Shoes
James & Erin Women’s Clothing
Lark & Ro Women’s Clothing
Mae Women’s Lingerie
North Eleven Women’s Scarves
Scout + Ro Children’s Clothing
Society New York Women’s Clothing
Franklin Tailored Men’s Clothing
Daily Ritual Women’s Clothing
Smitten Medical Scrubs
206 Collective Men’s and Women’s Shoes
Peace Love Maxi Women’s Clothing
Paris Sunday Women’s Clothing
Velvet Rope Women’s Clothing
Essentialist Women’s Clothing
Coastal Blue Women’s Clothing
HALE Denim Jeans
Ella Moon Women’s Clothing
Emma Riley Children’s Clothing
find Women’s Clothing

Privately owned brands isn’t something that’s new for resellers- Nordstrom’s has Zella for example. In a digital landscape however it can be a race to get you to see there product first, something that Amazon has an easy time accomplishing. While these days Amazon is constantly lowering their price to beat their competitors price using algorithms (how do you compete with someone that doesn’t mind selling at a loss?) in the past they have changed prices based off of consumers buying histories.

If you were interested in finding out when prices drop, here is a website dedicated to alerting people when Amazon prices drop dramatically.

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