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With the current attack on sexual misconduct and inappropriate sexuality at work places, there is a conversation occurring about high heels and their use in fashion and work attire. This conversation is almost entirely occurring online, however. I often think with how the internet works, just making comments and articles that get the largest knee jerk reaction are the ones people write because they are the ones people see.

I think high heels aren’t going anywhere. I think that in at least America, there is a trend with women to want to look attractive to their potential mates and peers. So assuming they want to attract men, they will want to keep wearing heels since it seems men find it attractive. If the entire culture shifts where men see this as a turn off even though it is alluring, then there could be a shift in this thinking as well.

While this conversation seems to be largest in the emoji world and the realm of online spaces (there are very few people I’ve met in Seattle interested in this as a subject matter compared to something like the abaya) and they are delivered in a tone that stereotypically given by female activists. While I find their logic paths to often be a little bit fuzzy it does bring up other ideas like how horribly unfunctional heels are as a whole. With the athletic and athleisure trends roaring up higher and higher, there is a thought that since they are so dreadfully uneffective and basically suicide to walk in the downtown Seattle space that maybe they could wane. Also given the current political climate it could justify a rise in things like flip flops and crocs in work places that aren’t public facing. Canada has also made it illegal to require high heels as part of a uniform.

People report feeling more confident in high heels, which is another reason I think they will remain longer. I feel like the lingerie under clothes trend has gone on far too long, but I think it still is being pushed forward because of the confidence boost it gives.

Ultimately, while I think it’s fun to stay speculative online along side other fashion commentary websites, I don’t see the trend fading away anytime soon and will probably become something obscure internet activists mention yearly about how they are on their way out because of funny moments highlighted on Twitter.

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