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I’ve always stayed on top of #seattlemodels – an interest to see who is emerging, and almost more specifically what photographers are actively campaigning. I come and go using the hashtag- when I use it I generally rank reasonably well but I don’t really get much past a few likes from strangers.

Following a tag doesn’t seem to give you the most popular ones first either, at best it gives you the new ones. You also don’t know how many people are following a tag, so you don’t really know how valuable a hashtag is. I would suspect that popular hashtags will be so filled with garbage that they won’t be followed, so only very niche keywords will be used reliably.

As a model / photographer / hair and make-up artist in Seattle, what should I follow?

As of right now? Really nothing. They don’t really seem to yield popular news or information in a hashtag. You theoretically could get inspiration but it has to be so niche that I don’t think its functionally useful. It really feels like it was meant for you to follow branded keywords for general consumers- it’s a way for brands to track the effectiveness of keywords.

Instagram does shadow ban people as well, so if you try to hijack a branded keyword, there is a chance they will just make it so your posts just aren’t seen for the hashtag. Some entire hashtags are also just not shown if they consider it to be too abusive.

At this moment, I don’t think this feature can be used in a way that greatly benefits us. Users are already unhappy with the amount of adverts they see, having their friends content marked as irrelevant and not shown as they get shown content they aren’t as interested in. The idea of many people signing up for more content they could essentially see as noise seems very unlikely to me.

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