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Header image is “Finally” by ” Nils Stefan Püschel

You can check out the images on their blog! I hate hijacking other people’s content. The biggest thing to note about the most popular images on Flickr? None of them are fashion. In fact, none of them have models.

They are mostly either long exposure of scenery, or very rare hard to capture images of wild animals.

I went ahead and tried to find some demographics on who uses Flickr- because this seems like a set of very upper middle class PNW things to like. I couldn’t find any data that I would regard as reliable. There are a bunch of random small surveys, but their response varies greatly- so greatly that it would be unfair to conclude anything from them.

When I think of Flickr, I think of a place to get free images for internal presentations. Its dismissed as a successful social media network or as an engagement method. Its where people in the office get free photos for things that won’t be seen outside of the company. While they report 90+ million users, I am unsure who they are and I suspect they are not American. They definitely don’t have that many paying users. It feels like a company that’s waiting for Google Drive or Drop Box to come through and buy them so they have a better inner office image sharing solution (google already has shuttered, so I doubt it will be them).

I think the reason those images won over other images is that Flickr is largely a images made by photographers for other photographers. They don’t have a reach of a real audience outside of their own content creators- and most “content creators” on Flickr are using their iPhone (only 9% use Canon MKIII 5d, the industry standard).

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