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ShootStyle Live has created fully automated studios- no photographer needed. Lets be real, photography for apparel brands does not pay very well, require you often to use your own equipment, and are being rivaled by iPhone photographers. Many smallers brands are finding better conversion rates with cell phone photography then they do with actual photographers. In an age with sexually predatorial photographers being outed and blacklisted all over, why even add that to the equation. Just automate the photographer role. I largely feel for these brands the photographer often just plays the role of a glorified light adjuster.

It can be be used with seemingly any mainstream camera, and is able to handle things like reflectors with out issue.

Shops like Zulily are already currently using this technology- they use it mostly with mannequins but its an obvious cost saver. It can even pull off the invisible man effect with no post production. Sensors can move to capture where the model is located, and with a little guiding from an iPad app you can accomplish a lot that a photographer can with out the needed skill sets. This is why we have automation, and while it might be expensive and take a while to adopt, this is the obvious solution of the future for apparel brands.

While its a job I like doing and I like fighting for, the reality is that this can more cost effectively be done with automation then any photographer once the technology is a little more advanced.

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