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Patreon is a payments processor that you allow you to seed out items to people who pay you for the art you are creating.  There are some additional quirks to the platform but generally, social media based artists who are popular link back to their Patreon. Patreon then processes the payments.

Starting out, the majority of creators are making less than a $100/month on this platform. Less than 2% make over $1,160 a month. Less than 0.8% make over $2400/month.

Last year, 35 artists made over $150,000. That’s not a small number to talk about, that is huge.

They included video game makers, video makers, political figures, and musicians. There weren’t any photographers. There weren’t even any traditional artists on the list either. You’re better off reviewing movies then you are at trying to make money off of Patreon. While it incredibly feels like every cosplayer I know also has an adult/naughty Patreon set up, none of them are making money either. Photographers only extremely rarely make money off of their art.

It would seem if you are a photographer looking to make money off of your art, you should not try for this on patreon.

Looking at the most popular photographers on Patreon, it reveals the first few that are actually much more focused on being animal sanctuaries (or non-profits) than being art photographers. The one photographer who seem to be excelling past this point are actually teaching lessons on how to be better photographers. It’s not the art that they are providing, it’s the ability for other artists to get better.

Past the first group, it seems to be porn and cosplayers. When I think I had found a photographer, I clicked on it just to see that its actually just more porn.

There are no easily found art photographers on Patreon (12/12/2017).

What bugs me the most about Patreon is that it feels like a pyramid scheme. Patreon wants to sign you up so you can talk your friends and families into buying through them, as oppose to them trying to get you an audience of people who are interested in actually supporting you.

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