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Ultra Violet Rundown:
Pantone - 18-3838
RGB - 95 75 139

Pantone’s color of the year is a self-fulfilling prophecy that occurs every year- they choose a dominant color and come up with the color wheel around it and then designers (graphic, package, and apparel) follow it to make sure they are staying current. It’s a way for the biggest trend institute to solidify themselves as trend setters, and it’s mostly impossible to fight. It’s just the ocean tide involving design. So, now that we know the color of the year, how can we capitalize on it?

They have pushes a space theme- patterns that already exist in athletic culture. It’s a youthful, Zumiez style design. It’s an active pattern that fits with apparel brands. They are sending the signals to the athletic world that this is the colors they predict for them. I predict they will push aside the known emotions and connotation of violet, and pushing for femininity and athleticism. At least for fashion, anyway.

As a photographer, I am more interested in how I can use this in my pieces. If we are being honest here, photographers are typically the most out of touch with color trends. Our trends tend to be much more based on model types and style types that are doing the rounds. I would disagree with that 2018’s color of the year is Ultra Violet, as I think it will be more a deep black for photographers as I think high contrast low cost prints are going to surge. This isn’t true for musicians looking to hire photographers however, who will no doubt want to add the purple tinge to their items to help them seem like they are trending. Musicians are very keen to be trending and to not seem dated, which will affect the photography that occurs for them.

So, I would suggest photographers use it to highlight and make elements pop in black and white. It will also give it a quartz effect, something that will pair well with the trends in other areas. It’s very simple to see how this combo can be used in marketing as well.

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