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Link Building – Off Page SEO where you get backlinks to your website from another website.

Content Marketing – flooding your website with content (typically blog posts) to get traffic to your website.

There was a time when the internet was mostly managed by web development people. Weather you think this was a good or bad thing, the fact that you needed to know how to handle basic elements acted as a barrier of entry to having a website, so when you would talk to a web developer (or web master) you knew that they would know a few things about how internet processes and protocols worked.

I’m a person with a Web Developer skill set. So it’s very easy for me to talk to other people with a web developer skill set. I know what they are worried about, I can generally know their goals. So interacting with them to try to mutually help each other was incredibly easy. It was a “you scratch my back I scratch yours” economy. This was what early link building really was and the bulk of off page SEO.

Entering 2017, the game has changed. Most people who manage websites don’t understand servers or code, so much as Search Engine Optimization or web marketing. So trying to reach out to people in my industry who have a website means not only do they not understand how to help each other link build, but it also means they couldn’t even help me if I loosely explained it to them. Even when explained, the failure rate for delivery is huge- for something they don’t have an awareness of or even care about. For many people in the industry (photographers, models, etc) the concept of ranking in the SERPs for traffic is something they can’t even imagine (they can be found sharing their article in your Facebook groups).

The hip things all the marketers are doing now is content marketing. The attitude is more “Why have a focused keyword, what we need is long tail”. You can see me doing some of this, as well as abusing some of this myself with The Great Nordstrom SERP Invade. The problem is this doesn’t help me at all with my desire to rank #1 for certain keywords (like “Seattle Fashion Photographer”). This is more an ego and bragging thing for me- doubling my content always doubles my traffic, ranking well barely ever effects traffic in meaningful ways.

Are you relating to this scenario?

Okay, let’s say you are in my boat. Let me give you an actually useful tip (something rare with marketing articles). This is my list of Parasite Websites. They are parasite websites because they are free places to put a backlink to you and help you get some initial link juice. Work your way down the list to help get your foundation for your main keyword. The first few aren’t as useful as you might think (or I guess I should say obvious) but I use this as a checklist.

Press Releases, and Their Memory

Press releases are supposed to help also… but I’m unsure how to use them effectively. Especially the free ones. I suppose if you are at the level of having press releases on your website to link back to you can see some clear benefit. That said, people have done case studies showing how these probably actually hurt them, not help them:

Press Releases Still an SEO Strategy? The Experts Speak

Marketing isn’t all SEO- but this article is about SEO. I don’t recommend press releases to help SEO.

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