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I’ve updated the fashion blogs I follow list. In time, I found that some really didn’t add very much to the larger landscape of knowledge and many of them were just were just boring. The hard hitting reality that most things just don’t add very much. This gets worse when we stop talking about Fashion News (fashion business) and just individual bloggers.

This is really the hub and the authority for news. Up to this point no one holds a candle to them- while they have so much data you end up over looking some of it they definitely outpace everyone with the amount of data. They tend to have less useful articles also- I believe every year since someone coined athleisure as a turn they’ve declared athleisure is both on the uprise and on the down turn.

They don’t update as often as I would like, but it’s always quality. Its interesting to peek into South Korea to see what advancements in fashion they are currently experimenting with. One of my favorite blogs, even if it’s probably the least useful one on the list.

While this is not very inspiring, its a very nice point of reference for up and comers. Good place to find cutting edge individuals and ideas, I’d recommend googling their subject matter after you peer into it.

This is a lot like Not Just a Label, its a good spring board to research a topic deeply. I wouldn’t recommend having surface level looks on its topics, if you do you will be disappointed.

Who doesn’t like staying up on trends and colors? Modeinfo is your best bet to track relevent information. Sadly, most of the information are in their books and their books can only really be found at schools. It’s still vitally important.


I’ve added the fashionistas I follow here. Nothing too ground breaking, just models who post consistently. I believe all of their websites are fundamentally broken- so sorry for the poor user experience. They all seem to also suffer from the reality of “I’m not sure how websites work” but I enjoy them a lot. Most of their websites just exist as a way to get you to follow them on social media.

Sexiest blog I follow. I follow it for the allure.

I absolutely adore this woman! I’ve been following her for years, beautiful traveling soul.

This is a model I have been wanting to work with, so I’ve stayed up on her blog posts. She’s a very good model who is also very marketable.

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