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Adding Chromat to benchmark. For people who know me they are probably like… Jesse, you don’t normally look past the luxury market for practical shoppers. You follow trends. Chromat is so artsy and seems like a step away from what you normally look for.
The truth is… that is all correct.

They are still connected to the vision of athletic modelling- that it’s not about the body shape or size, but ability, and they demonstrated that at New York Fashion Week 2017- it even created media buzz from all the hate- I half suspected that was their goal. Even if that was their goal, it’s still in line with what I imagine as the fitness vision. Age and weight doesn’t matter, skill does.

Even still, more than anything else they serve as the unreasonably expensive out of reach place to benchmark for- the stuff no one owns but we all look up out at. That way we have a look at the stars shining way up in the sky (Chromat) and what undoubtedly be low right here in the ground(Amazon), and a good list of everything in between.

Also… editorials. I want to stay fitness, but I also want to do editorials. They seem like a good mix of attaining the fitness goals I am reaching for my photography, and the artistry demanded by the editorial sector. So I will start bench marking Chromat and I will reach out to some stylists in LA to see if I can’t find good rates to rent some of their clothing. I currently am trying to get this lined up with Zoe O’ Clock  (letters are in the mail). Zoe O’ Clock is an amazing editorial model that has yet to really take off.

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