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Lululemon and APL Sneaker Line Launched

I had noticed the sneakers and the APL (Athletic Propulsion Labs) in their store, but I waited to get more information before commenting on it. I need to finish my November Trend Report before I really have a good idea of whats going on with the sneakers and how it involves their entire line. This is Lululemon‘s first sneaker, though it really looks like APL sneakers that are using Lululemon’s patterns  -cinder rose (an all-over dusty pink), black ombrĂ© (a black-to-white gradient), and black all-reflective (a black knit that uses reflective yarn).

Sneakers are not an area I know much about and I largely stay out of the sneakers conversation. There is a lot more science behind shoes than athletic fabrics so I will hold back commentary on these, but it is worth noting that maybe I should start doing some Lululemon Serp invades for these items- they are so new that their couldn’t be much competition yet.

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