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Peony and Me Language Trends: Stretch, Compression, Breatheability

Peony and Me isn’t a brand I really track, but I get their emails and I enjoy them stylistically. They recently released their shooting star sports bra and leggings. I especially like the way the pattern looks on the back of the sports bra, which is a nice combo with the burgundy top as seen above.  Make sure to check out their top here and the bottom here. The color on the pieces is called anthracite- which is a neat personal touch describing the pattern. It’s a color that’s  been talked about before – Anthracite leggings beings up results for Alo Yoga and a few Amazon brands. I wonder if it’s a worthwhile keyword to explore for long tail.

Their 2017 Look Book is especially nice- I appreciate it on a photographer level but I know that most consumers don’t look at these things unless its used in advertising campaigns. It makes me want to shoot things like that, maybe I should rumble a little bit to do an example Look Book for someone… we’ll see in time. Maybe I’ll even buy some of these Shooting Star leggings and try to do some competitive image shots (tear eye laughing emojis).

Here are the images from the look book sporting the Shooting Stars – Anthracite leggings:

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