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Alo Yoga is a brand that is often worn by celebrities and people going to a more high end feel- they are the most functionally impressive work out clothes that can be found at Nordstrom. While they run the upper echelon of clothes, they still make cheaper and diffusal brand items that aren’t as sweat wicking or as effective as their more expensive counterpoints. On some platforms you can expect them to be knock offs as well, and often when you hear of people being unimpressed with these items when bought off Amazon, it is because it is a knock off.

I’d always recommend buying these items in person, just to make sure they have the right feel and you aren’t looking at an item that is a little sheer. Especially with their Nordstrom Rack style items, they run the chance of being a little see through, which for many people is not really an acceptable look for leggings.

A lot of their tops are looser fitting and I’ve never heard of or read a review reporting them to be any kind of sheer. Their styles tend to be trending, as well, and generally are pioneering the athletic space with their color schemes. They are great for having a feel for instagirls, people who buy them to more look like they work out then to actually work out (athleisure).

There are many places online you can buy these, but I would super recommend going into a shop that sells them and selecting them there. Alo Yoga clothes are expensive and while it seems like it saves time shopping online, it ultimately becomes a time sink if you end up returning items.

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