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Most reviewers actually share the opinion that Alo Yoga is one of the best brands to wear. They have a perfect fit and they are designed to function well when exercising. That said, you can find some items of theirs at a cheaper price that lack some of the same quality, though generally speaking they are a safe bet as long as you go with one of their sweat wicking or other custom fabrics. They are named Alo Yoga for a reason- and that is because they are designed to be clothes for yoga. So, they are less then amazing when it comes to heavy sweat. In reading the reviews of others about Alo Yoga, the sweat does show when you get really sweaty. This can give an interesting look for the lighter colored leggings especially. Leggings that give a sheen or an leather effect you don’t really need to worry about this issue.

For most people, the problem actually begins at the price point, and not the clothes themselves. If you want a premium product, be ready to pay a premium price. Most people don’t really need the premium product. so $80 for yoga tights tend to be a bit of a mind blower of the casual shopper. They are really made to be a higher price point items that have a strong celebrity appeal.

On Amazon, some people report them being a little sheer, but I worry people order a cheaper variant or from a chinese vendor using the name to make easy sales on knock offs and reporting them their. That said, it can be worrisome getting expensive leggings and have them just reveal your bum. Consider trying them on at Nordstroms before making online purchases.

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