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Opening Night Tank

The Beyond Yoga Opening Night Tank is a loose fitting open backed top that comes in white or grey. It lacks their traditional spacedye effect but is still a strong basic top for their brand.

This is a tighter fitting basic tank that keeps a nice figure and holds a classic yoga feel- this is their Open Back Top. It is a basic at the end of the day so it comes with it lacks a little bit of a signature or a feeling of standing out. The Beyond Yoga logo shows proportionately on the back.

Under Lock and Keyhole Tank

The Under Lock and Keyhole Tank is a bodycon top that combos well with any leggings or yoga pants the share the same color- it creates a signature monoocolor feel that rivals any other brands bodycon style tops.

Skylar Studded And Mesh Tank

The studded and mesh style strikes in the Skylar Studded And Mesh Tank style tank top. This is starting to enter more the signature tops that can be found at Beyond Yoga, it’s clear unique style is striking.

Sheer Illusion Tank

This is a strong and sexy tank top and while it doesn’t seem like it would be the best for yoga it would be very strong part of an athleisure outfit. You can see where it gets its name the Sheer Illusion Tank because of this quality. Its versatile and goes with a wide range of bottoms, from yoga classic styles to even day to day styles. I could imagine a girl wearing this with jeans (particularly white jeans).

In Good Drape Tank

In Good Drape Tank a lightweight open back top is great for heat and when you want to get sweaty. It also works well as an around the house top you could wear with little else- its mostly a nice functional athletic and athleisure top that isn’t anything beyond special but is breathable.

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