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Alo Yoga Wear wants to bringing yoga to the world through high end designer fashion.

Their goal is to get more people (models) into yoga, so by making yoga more stylist, they attract more people to the yoga matt.

being are attached to a larger apparel company definitely help Alo keep their foot hold. Even with that edge they are still relentlessly making some of the best yoga clothing in the world. They are aiming to appeal to yogis (and yogis to be) but have attract a much more attractive, superstar audience. They are pushing for an inspiring mindful movement. They love yoga as a group and are trying to inspire you to like yoga as well. Alo Yoga began in Los Angeles in 2007 aiming for the designers to help promote their love of yoga.

They definitely have a high fashion mindset, and are out making garments that can be worn in athleisure as well as when exercising- they describe it as “a beautiful life celebrated with forward design”. Alo monitors contemporary fashion with both the women’s and men’s collections to help make sure their brand stars on top of the hip aesthetic, aiming to capture the luxury audience. Every Alo Yoga Wear collection starts with an emphasis on fashion – and celebrity endorsements. Being a top end brand of anything at Nordstroms will get Taylor Swift wearing you- and Taylor Swift wears Alo.

Yogi’s and Yoga Practitioners on Staff

One of the interesting things about Alo Yoga is they actually keep a lot of Yogi’s working with them and their company, directly and indirectly. They have some beautiful estates and practice Yoga, and help teach others yoga as well as how to be a Yogi.

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