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While Alo Yoga has many different types of tops, after the release of their Alo Jersey top I decided to give a harder look into their top collection- specifically their tank tops. I chose them because while I thought most top types had the obvious pluses and minuses, tanks are really made with one thought in mind- limited movement in the summer.

Benefits of Alo Yoga Tank Tops

  • They are loose fitting, when combo’ed with a sports bra they can both cover you but allow you to have fluidity of movement
  • They breathe well
  • They generally resist sweat well
  • Lightweight, airy silhouette
  • 4-way-stretch fabric for a move-with-you feel
  • Dry Wicking
  • Anti Microbial

Negatives of Alo Yoga Tank Tops

  • They are fitted to be worn with a bra
  • Limited colors
  • Tank tops generally don’t use proprietary fabric, meaning cheaper alternatives that are near identical can be found
  • not seasonally flexible, made for warmer climates

You can see one of their tanks in action for Yoga on the Alo Yoga Youtube Channel, with one featured right here:

Researching the topical, particularly with yoga in mind, I kepted running into their red warrior leggings. This is a product of theirs that has been getting a lot of attention recently. It’s almost winter also! It must be the California audience.

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