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Black & White, Water & Oil Photoshoot Casting

By October 26, 2017Photography

Type: Non-paid

Goal: I’ve been talking to a few Vanity Publications about running a monthly series with one of them in 2019. One has  committed as long as I can produce the level of quality I have in the past. I want to get these all shot and edited now, to be released once a month next year.

What you get in exchange:

  • Minimum 6 edited photos in the above style. Print Quality, and prints can be purchased through me or you can use the files to get prints after they are published by publication. All proofs will be heavily watermarked.
  • End of 2019, I will make a booklet containing all the photos used. You will receive a free copy. This is a memento, and additional copies won’t be for purchase.
  • Most models will be published- there is a chance that some images will fail to meet quality, or we will have too many models. Most will be published.
  • Social Media Push: When published, you will be pushed on Social Media by myself, and the publisher. I advertise my posts as well, I have a combined following of over 20,000 followers.

What you will need to bring:

  • Bring a bathing suit you don’t mind getting oil on. You may use alternative attire, but please, no nudity or excessively provocative.
  • To come by my studio 1pm – 9pm on Tuesday, the 31st.
  • Be ready to sign a release! Don’t worry, I will get approvals on each image I will use from you, though watermarked. I just want to be able to secure verbal approval from you.
  • You will get water and oil on you, so bring a change of clothes.
  • You are welcome to bring someone with you! While the shoot itself will take 20-30 minutes, there might be a wait between models. I already have 11 planning to come, which in 5.5 of the 8 hours available I have for shooting. I have room for a maximum of 16 models to sign up, in the unlikely event they all show up, that will be the maximum I would be able to photograph.

People who Shouldn’t apply:

  • Be over 18, or be a model I am very comfortable working with.
  • People who want to bring their own photographers. No other photographers are welcome on set.

Connect with me on social media or send me an email if you are interested in joining.


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