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Understand Power Likes and Engagement

Ever notice how items that get liked in the first few minutes rank waaaaay better and get waaaay more likes than items that don’t get those likes? Users have a hidden power level when it comes to how much their like is worth- this power comes from the number of followers they have. Worse yet, if these power likers see your post and don’t like it, then you will be shown even less.

How most large accounts get around this is they either pay $3 in advertising (that’s what I do) to get the ball rolling, which then guarantees I will get the 500-2000 likes I would get organically, or they join DM groups that notify them when posts go out and then they all like / comment the post when it goes out. This is often a group filled with power likers.

These powerlikes / dm groups rank better in hashtag searches and gets you a greater exposure rate in your followers feed. This is critical once you start getting serious numbers of followers if you are interested in appearing like an influencer.

Engage People

Find your contemporaries, and comment and like their posts. Some people follow to unfollow later, I don’t like that method as it seems insincere. You can just start liking and interacting with their posts directly. Some people will be like “who is this” and you will get some blowback but you will get followers.

Shout outs

Especially now with Instagram stories, buying shout outs from large accounts that are similar to yours is very effective.  Shout outs and engaging people is your best bet in gaining followers quickly.

Myth of Hashtags
Hashtags gets you more and more likes, but with the exception of niche markets, its very hard to grow followings using just hastags.

Myth of Posting Often
Posting often is good for sales, and engaging your customer base, but a lot of people don’t unfollow or follow you based on the amount you post. Its more about engaging with your fans directly then it is about the content you are generating for gaining followers.

Myth of Buying Followers
Instagram is way better at deleting fake followers than you would think. They are useful for a short term explosion of followers- but even that is notice by Instagram and will start getting bots- and possibly even your account- removed.

How I get Relevant Followers

I find a hashtag that is right for the target audience, and I like and comment on everything. That’s all. That’s the sad truth of the manual work of getting a few thousand followers.

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