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Curious how fitness models get their stretching in after working out? They practice a technique called Dynamic Stretching- this won’t slow down gains like certain combinations of cardio and stretching but will keep engaging your body as you get your stretching in. Some people have noted that it can be a bit like the HiiT Cardio of stretching. All dynamic stretching really breaks down into is moving as you stretch. Its engaging in a short lung twist- this stretches you and works your abs and legs. It has become a time saver method for stretching.

It is also thought to help increase body awareness- though I find that to be true of most physical exercise in general. More noteworthy is that it has been shown to improve leg gains in women and is a companion method attached to women who are trying to get the fitness model body.

Below is a more slow paced guide to a dynamic workout.

This is a more intense but much better work out for people who want a more serious go (I recommend this youtube video to try it out):

The real recommendation would come to add this to your work out after you are done lifting. Get your flexibility in there- it’s important! Men especially are famously bad at making sure they stay more loose.

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