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Joining the ranks of athletic subscriptions services like Fabletics and launching a subscription service. It’s not like Fabletics where you pay subscription and get discounted items monthly, it’s more like how people imagined how amazon would work. They send you a box of items they think you would want, and whatever you don’t want you send back. There is no monthly fee and no shipping fees. They will get 20% off if they keep everything in the box.

The idea is it will sync with your diet and exercise habits from their various applications, and they will combine it with your purchase history to predict what items you would want.  They have actually enlised fitness experts to help recommend what should be sent for what type of athlete. They are calling it “Armour Box” – sync’ing together with their application “HealthBox”.

They are gearing up to sync technology with clothes, that is starting to become apparent. The clothes will be able to see your activity levels and fitness.

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