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Sporting the recently used shades of red and grey seen in the Alo Yoga leggings, the new Alo Yoga Turtle Necks are beautiful near form fitting items. It clongs to the body in the right places and hangs in the right places, to create a perfect “I’m leaving Yoga and need to be warm for my way home” look. They are made with a triblend fleece and a 2×2 rib. The arch pulling up at the belly button gives a light tease and the fabric syncs well for models who are have beyond normal toning- like the arms many cheer leaders I know.

Typically I can find some previews of the items on video- but this item is far too new. I even went and checked their August 2nd video that offered a lot of spoilers of their newest items- and it wasn’t anywhere to be found! (even though the Alo Yoga Jersey was).

They had a few versions of older model turtlenecks- and they seem a bit warmer and are also very cut- even though they are almost entirely sold out everywhere you look for them.

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