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The dream of the editorial has began to melt away more and more rapidly. Even larger fashion magazines have begun to go the route of using their cover as advertising space- or making photographers pay to be on the cover. They go into much deeper over at Business of Fashion:

“The latest cover of Dazed & Confused shows Adwoa Aboah in a single-brand look: a Burberry check cap and similarly patterned plastic, hooded cagoule, both straight off the brand’s catwalk. Similarly, one of the fours covers of the Autumn/Winter 2018 issue of sister publication AnOther features a suited model in head-to-toe Gucci.

Burberry and Gucci declined to comment, as did Dazed Media, the independent publisher of both magazines. But both covers appear to have been paid advertisements, sold as part of wider partnership packages.”

Currently, to get into fashion magazines that matter, you need to use the brands advertising in the fashion magazine. Any amount they pay you is subsidized by the brands being used- most of these brands require a stylist to really have access to all the larger brands. The cost of the stylist is always more than the amount a magazine can pay you.

Most fashion magazine’s now are even just vanity prints- assuming your photos are of a certain quality you can just pay your way into most magazine. Depending on the reach of the magazine depends how much you need to pay. There are still some magazine’s you can’t buy into- but they are mostly non-fashion magazine’s.

This is a reaction but fashion magazine’s to survive, but ultimately remove all equity and value to consumers.

Their brands become more and more tarnished the more and more this becomes public knowledge. It’s going to be the real death nail in the coffin for most of these fashion magazines- be ready for Instagram to completely devour them with the innovative types of post being made by FKA Twigs. The Magazine is in the Instagram.


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