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Taiwanese suppliers (Makalot Industrial and Eclat Textile) are officially giving us information on Amazon, and they are are letting us know they are making athletic wear for Amazon. I’ve been excited for this the last year, and working with Amazon’s athletic apparel line sounds like a dream job. I can’t know for sure, but Zella’s previous head KristenĀ Harris is now in charge of the Amazon Athletic Line. They don’t have long term contracts so it is clear Amazon is just testing the waters.

Eclat’s warehouses are especially noteworthy because it makes clothing for Nike, Lululemon Athletica and Under Armour. They are regarded very highly for their expertise in making high-performance athletic wear.

Amazon wanting to fill their inventory gaps makes a lot of sense. Teens are shopping on Amazon, but they have very little control of the current athletic wear being sold.

I’m waiting for more information to come in about the Amazon athletic brand, but I suspect it to be a lot like Material Girl from Macy’s, just with out the celebrity endorsements.

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