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The above items were part of Vogue’s trend report, but what I notice coming through major brands is an athletic edge, typically with a little bit of the “Japanese sexy school girl swimwear” thrown in. The first easy example is Chromat 2018. While most people notice their plus sized models and their denim that barely covered the body, a lot of their outfits just looked like athletic wear that already exists, full stop. THIS SHOULDN’T BE SHOCKING CHROMAT IS AN ATHLETIC AND SWIMWEAR BRAND. Where it gets interesting is seeing their design styles seemlessly appearing in other brands. (side note, I don’t think I would want to actually work out in Chromat designs, they don’t look good for working out and kind of land in the Arena of Puma).

Designers like Isabel Marant. They are a bohemian brand that makes a lot of shoes and knit dresses, but they have models in very covering swimwear and windbreakers.

Stella Jean also went in this direction with bodysuits that look a lot like swimwear, and tops that look a lot like jerseys.

Koche also introduced some athletic based looks. While I prefer this one, this one actually even has the Nike logo attached to it.

While these end up seeming a lot like just Puma to me and not truly influencing the Athletic market, these trands can be used as predictors in the athletic market for what people might want to buy, as well as it could be a good sign that athletic and athleisure isn’t going anywhere.

So what do these trends really remind me of?

Sleeque Mystique is a Japanese swimwear designer- while she uses very different materials than the major brands, when I look over what they produce and compare it to I see a striking resemblance. Now, Sleeque Mystique didn’t develop in a vacuum and their are a handful of brands that are very much like hers that ride the “lewd not nude” line of a type of lingerie, so it’s not her design alone.

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