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I really love the ideas of brands sharing the names of models- very often by attaching your brand to the model even when the model is small brings traffic and attention to your brand. Most people don’t know this but model name searches in google images is the #1 source of traffic for my blog. For all the long tail I do, and cleverly finding holes in the serps, at the end of the day attaching the people I worked with in photo shoots as been my most effective strategy for growing. I’ve also started working with influencer Tanmoholic and in Google search images of our work together rank at the top of images.

Athletic brands currently have made a large effort to push their influencers hard (16% of all athletic/athleisure brands whose instagram is indexed are targeting an influencer) on their social and website. This makes sense, it gets them traffic and shows that they are authentic. Brands often also work with them as a way of outsourcing content- it is easier to regram than it is make your own Instagram post when you become a large behemoth of a company.

While our joint effort offers some permanent benefits, if I was a clothing brand, what would I do if she decided to switch brands? Or worse, what if they take a painful political stance?

Since compliance doesn’t seem to be taken seriously by influencers, neither do contracts. They are just citizens, and they often have entirely other sources of revenue. It’s a problem that I am unsure to the solution to at the moment. It also could be a non-issue, as up to this point it’s mostly not been a big deal for influencer x business relations, but as the influencer pushes start to look more like sponsorship deals, some sponsorship deals. When these incidents happen in sponsorship deals, companies drop several points in the stock market. For brands like Gym Shark and Free People, their influencers are starting to appear in their emails to customers. Just like people they have sponsorship deals with. Communication needs to be clear and thought out and nothing I have seen from documents for influencers have seemed to be either.

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