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The uncomfortable reality of 2014 when we were writing checks to models for attention that was hard to track has become a new reality. Push marketing requires influencers. This is mostly true of Instagram and Facebook (meaning don’t worry about twitter) and also mostly relevant to influencers who advertise their content. I definitly think the cost on influencers are exploding and forcing us back into the world of “50% of marketing doesn’t work, but we don’t know which half” but marketers that implemented influencer marketing campaigns earned an average of $6.85 in media value for every $1 they spent on paid media and 81 percent of marketers say influencer marketing is effective.

This is mostly important to companies that have $300,000 in advertising budget, and less to the little players. It’s almost a new way to help keep the little players out of the game, as the average cost per post for people below 100k followers is around $113 according to – how ever I think this number is exaggerated.

A worry that strikes me is that people will want to use this as a way for they themselves become an influencer, but more than ever becoming an influencer is becoming more and more difficult. While the crackdown on advertisers hasn’t been to harsh yet in the influencer arena, it is information that is expected to be released on taxes and social media (by using hastag #ad).

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