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Alo is good at seeming like they are the fashionable yoga trend setters, creating adjustments to their clothing line that closely matches young fashion trends. I’m unsure if this helps them with sales, but it gives them a solid identity- along with using similar models very often (I particularly like the one below). She is used in a lot of their marketing campaigns- like their newest addition, the Alo Yoga Jersey.


Alo Yoga Jersey advert


I think these Alo Yoga Jerseys look great– Alo is definitely a brand with an identity that I’m still figuring out but it seems safe to say “Warn by the fashionably away but actually active in the yoga community”. I would guess they hire classically trained designers who follow trends, maybe from an art school. I’ll let you look through them- I don’t like pushing particular products but I like to alert to trends- which is something Alo has done often.

They have a variety of them in black, white, and tan. I particularly enjoy the tan Alo Yoga Jersey (they call the color gravel), they keep a nice camel shade that work well with tanned skin.

Alo Yoga Jersey

I’ve done some searching for videos of people wearing the Alo Yoga Jerseys- and I was able to find one that was pretty close over at the channel¬†HopeScope¬†– it wasn’t the exact new ones like I wish it was but I think it gives a good idea of what these items look like.

hopescope tries on alo yoga jersey
Also -wow- it even has shop not option below the YouTube video- I guess I’ve seen it before but never so smoothly!

I’ll keep my eyes open for any new images or videos that come out about this item. Its still very new so there isn’t a ton out there past the product images. I’ll also stay up on HopeScope to be able to help make recommendations based on what she is wearing.

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