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Sephora releases 33 videos a month on just YouTube. They are one of the most luxurious climbing companies right now, even selling luxury water bottles for $200 a piece. L2 puts out a video about every 3 days- a business analyst company with their finger on the pulse. It’s very clear, there is an opening in video that people don’t quite know how to tap into yet. I’ve been analogizing how often athletic brands have been releasing videos, and considering their size they are almost all underwhelming. It’s actually the smaller brands who are trying to fight their way up finding cracks in the market place that are most utilizing video. Video isn’t up and coming anymore, now audiences expect it.

Facebook says video ads are most effective in the first 2 seconds, and there are a lot of reasons to think that if an ad takes more than 2 seconds it might not be worth pushing on the platform. This probably applies to Instagram / Snapchat stories as well- you have two seconds before they tap to see whats next.

Video Content
You know whats incredibly unfun? Building an audience of 14,000 people and having Instagram throttle the amount of people who get to see your post down to about 1000 unless I am willing to pay for advertising. Video is currently the same set up, you either pay to get it seen or it goes unseen. Some videos do legitimately go viral and earn a lot of money- but they are so random that it’s uncontrollable (chances are its a cute cat). If you want to play in the YouTube space right now and get meaningful subscribers, you have to pay.

Videos and your Brand

Your brand at this stage is probably you. It likes the things you like talks about the things you like to talk about and cares about the things you care about. If you follow my blog often, you probably notice I mostly talk about marketing clothes and athletic fashion. That’s me, that’s who I am. You can probably build a lot off of that but that’s what I’m interested in. The target audience for me is the very rare person who works cares about apparel, athleticism, and marketing. Until you can identify those three things about your brand making content is going to be hard.

My Fitness and The iPhone Applications I use

People who follow me might notice I have been sneaking in more and more personal fitness. It’s true, I’m adopting the athletic lifestyle to help reflect interest is the brands. What I’ve mostly learned trying to get into the lifestyle?

How bad the iPhone Applications are.

There are tons and tons of them and most of them seem to be all over the place and at the same time missing things that seem like they should be key features. Here are the applications I use, and my comments on them. I’ll be not mentioning the ones I don’t actively use.

My Fitness Pal. Spearheaded by Under Armor, this is a confusing mess of an App that misses some key features and I think really falls on its face with others. I don’t think an app that is this good at tracking your diet should tell you how many calories you burned during exercise. This information is with out a doubt wrong and will lead you to over eat if you use it. It’s more a diet tracker than even an exercise tracker, since it lacks the real ability to plan. If it was really about planning, it would allow you to schedule phases of fasting in your day, notify you how much more protein/carb/fat you need to eat in a day automatically or load preplanned exercise work outs. Right now, it’s just a neat way to organize your meals to give to a nutritionist once a week/month. That said, it’s the best application for tracking your nutrition especially if you realize you don’t know enough to be useful at it so you give it to an actual nutritionist. I’m JesseDictor on app feel free to follow me.

Zero. This should just be a part of My Fitness Pal. Instead of alerting you to eat dinner, it should allow you to schedule periods of fasting. That’s all the zero application is, a fasting scheduler. When I am leaning out I stick very hard to intermittent fasting.

Sworkit. Great for warm ups. If you ever plan to be like the Rock and exercise two hours a day in the gym, Sworkit is a great way to handle diversifying your cardio and keeping warm ups from getting boring.

BodySpace. This is good because you can actually plan and get good work outs easily. It’s very flashy and very pretty however and I find it causes a lot of bugs. It has a nice social aspect to it as well that I really like. I kind of wish it would have a less intense work out tracking mechanism like Sworkit has, once I know my exercises I don’t need quit an intense interface. The fact it shows what exercises it needs to have added to their video database is incredibly nice because it lets you know they are still working on the App and improving it. I’m JesseDictor on app feel free to follow me.

What a lot of the applications really have taught me is that you need a nutritionist and a trainer to really maximize what you are doing.

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