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Puma x Rihanna is releasing “slides”  foot slippers that are meant to be worn by women who are participating in the dorm life. Fenty Collection is huge and getting a lot of attention- and is also hard for me to write about. Let’s be real now, Puma isn’t an athletic wear brand that athletic people wear. Its a an athletic brand that fashionable people wear- which really knocks it out of my target demographic. It even really stops being interesting.

This might not be true as a whole or if I did a deep look at the brand for the last fifty years, but its definitely how they feel to me now. If I had to craft a mission statement for them it’d be “that hot blonde dorm girl wears this on her day off”. I mean, they tell a tale of how great it is to work with Rihanna in their Youtube campaign, they don’t have Rihanna explain how its “empowering”.

I know what you are thinking- or at least what my critique would be to me about Puma not really being athleisure worth following. Even if every point here is spot on, what would that really matter as long as they are making athletic clothes? The reason it matters is that it messes with my target audiance. People who wear Puma don’t necessarily go to the gym, or use fitness apps, or have an iPhone, or have an interest in being a CEO of a company. I really like the athletic luxury market. They are powerful influential empowering people. Puma feels like it lands more with Paris Hilton- nothing wrong with Paris it’s just not who I want to cater to. Remember, they paid Paris Hilton to wear some Fenty.

Their actual brand mission? “”To be the Fastest Sports Brand in the world.“”… brand statement… “”We trust our instincts to make unexpected choices that push sports forward””. I don’t get that feel at all from their Rihanna collection. Its not just Rihanna though, its their whole marketing feel.

I started following them after I got a message telling me I should, but I think I’m going to back burner them a little until I feel their magic again.

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