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While we can all admit using robots to try to make custom running shoes that are different depending on the environment you live in is a bit of a meaningless grandstand, the real thing that matters about Adidas developing these is how much they’ve increased their R&D.

Since 2012, investments into their innovations has increased from $140M to $190M. This has gotten to be the mark of a company looking to grow and get noticed- especially by investors. More than just R&D, it’s a type of R&D that no other sneaker company is investing it. The created a new category so they could be the cutting edge.

They are planning for small runs and for the small runs to sell our quickly. Premium sneakers thrive on scarcity to make a strong secondary market. In addition to that, the combination of the press release involving these shoes and the people who will be hungry for these shoes will create a storm of buzz that will reach investors.

Combine that with the plant they are setting up to make shoes in Atlanta, and you can tell they are tempting people to buy stock. Ne on the lookout for their “Speedfactories” – while just a name they will likely give the illusion of faster production times. Combine that with their Miadidas pushes on Youtube and you can see they are truly fighting to get to the point to make custom shoes for individual people- starting with their preferred design, and then their location, soon it will be based right off of their feet (combined with location).

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