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The question on everyone’s mind regarding Lululemon…. Will men buy $100 yoga pants? I’m unsure how their brand really speaks to men directly, but their CEO Laurent Potdevin see’s men;s clothing as a billion dollar opportunity. Lululemon is looking to get 40% of its sales from men. They are intending more men to start practicing yoga and be more pulled into Lululemon’s gravity.

What did I notice trying to research people’s feelings? A lot of people starting out saying “As a dude”- which is weird, that is the opposite of what I know any men to talk about. It leaves me feeling like the people who are commenting on it, are the tiny percentage of men who would want it. The type of guy who would start out making sure you knew he was a “dude” for his article. It actually reads a lot like “Men need to man up, and just buy Lululemon already”. It feels like a series of sponsored posts.  Especially because none of the posts are even about men who do Yoga or what it’s like- just GQ authors that are fantasizing in their head fictional sounding scenarios to tell men to man up in.

Most of this is really pretty old news- I’ve not seen anything new emerging for Lululemon’s men section. Their 2016 total sales for both genders were just over the $2 billion mark. I couldn’t find a clear answer for their men’s section.

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