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Lululemon doesn’t typically strike me as an innovation company, but in many ways the only way to exist in athletic wear is to make fabrics your competition can’t copy. I would even go as far as to say companies like Under Armour exist now as companies because of their innovations. This shows me I need to spend some time getting to know Lululemon’s fabric technology.

With that said, they have launched their newest fabric innovation- quick drying and cool against your skin. With the launch of their newest pants/tights/shorts, they put out a video that reminds me a little of the recent Gym Shark video but maybe isn’t as heavy handed with the aesthetic.

Much similar to Under Armour’s innovative technology, it’s hard to get new information about their fabrics. Nike is much more outspoken about their fabric innovation- but they also get a bit of a halo from larger clothing websites so it makes me think that Nike is probably paying for the exposure of their innovations to make sure we know they are innovators, and when that happens, they have to make a leather polyester blend seem exciting.

I’m dreaming of the day I can start buy pieces of Lululemon’s new technology just to test and talk about on the blog, but I am probably a little bit away from making those kinds of investments.

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