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For me this was funny but unexpected. It’s hard to talk about the Flex Effect Video until you watch the Flex Effect Video.


This might be a pretty good reflection of how people look at girls who wear work out leggings. People can’t help but look in some of the silliest, comical ways. Gymshark, given their relatively small fame and reach, sure are talked about a lot. It’s probably because of communications like these: Appearance over function. I feel like this has a certain reach to younger demographics also- which is where a lot of brand trust comes from.

My interactions with women who are currently physically active tend to be really sensitive to this kind of messaging. They tend to be more about body positivisty and the functional usefulness of the clothing. Women have given push back to more high fashion styled marketing of Onzie for this reason, and I would assume they would feel the same way about this video. The comment section of the video on the day of it’s launch would lead you to believe that anyway…

This actually is a new development for Gymshark however, as they have mostly backed athletes and are very family focused in their messaging. This feels like a moment where a sports brand in changing- we will see how it develops.


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