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With Under Armour‘s stock falling daily and many stock analysts guessing it will fall all the way to $13/share, people forget how Under Armour got where they are today. They started as a small athlete minded company that developed fabrics to help the athletes prosper.

With 29 different trademarked advancements in the fabric development field (admitting 6 of them being sneakers) they actually have quite a robust unique materials and designs. They also saw how we are using phone applications in our everyday life, and have quickly moved into the phone application space. It simply makes sense, they want the most data on the most athletes possible.

That said, with all their technological achievements, they do a poor job of really communicating what those achievements are. If you look on their website you can see a list, but if you try to look into them, they just list the products. Some of the technologies don’t even currently have products.

They do a much better job displaying their applications.

They feel like they have stopped innovating, but is it that they have stopped innovating or is it that the executive staff  has forgotten what they were once about. When I think of the Under Armour brand… what comes to mind… sadly for me Trump and the executive staff’s role assisting and at time supporting President Trump.

After that, I think of discounted clothes, or the cheaper but as good functionally option to Nike right now. This might not actually be true, but it’s how it feels when I think of them. Ultimately, it strikes me as a rural man’s Super Market / Discount Store option to athletic goods.

So… are they still innovators? Or are they middle America’s Adidas?

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