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Under Armour trying more to reach into the female athleisure market. I’ve always thought of Under Armour as a fitness clothing innovation company, and they’ve been reaching out to a female market more and more (along side with Nike). It’s a clear audience that has been growing for years but entering the market requires them to outshine Lululemon and Athleta.

The Misty Copeland Collection is a standard collection that has a close to skin but not tight collection that sports a white and black style. The signature of the brand is the crossback style.

I really don’t know very much about Misty Copeland. I’ve started to explore her- a famous North American ballet dancer- 1.4 million followers on Instagram. Seems like an obvious collaboration with any of the athletic brands I follow was sure to come. She has endorsed products and companies such as T-Mobile, Coach, Inc., Dr Pepper, Seiko, and The Dannon Company.

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