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Interested in getting sneakers from your favorite athletic wear membership brand? Fabletics has launched sneakers, and with the launch has started to flood Pinterest to help get attention over the sign up price for these sneakers ($25).  This is a direct response to what their costumers have been asking for- an all in one spot online for them to get all their athletic wear needs.

You can also see the press releases spiraling out online to help their shoes get indexed on Google. Its inline with their big Pinterest push- their sign up discount allows them to promote unheard of prices- though you have to sign up for a membership. Re-occuring revenue is huge for any company.

It’s a mostly grey, white, and black colored collection with some variants into tan and navy blue to help diversify. I’m not as versed on how to even talk about or discuss shoes, so make sure to check them out yourselves on their website. the website is having some momentary problems as I am sure they are adjusting still to the launch.

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