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They have so many sponsorships its hard to know where to stop and start.

Worried that the female teen demographic won’t be surrounded by Reeboks? Don’t worry, they have Ariana Grand and Fifth Harmony under sponsorship deals. This is fantastic for them, its a long term strategy for reaching people at a prime time for getting associated with brands, from the age of 12 – 15. Worried about them reaching women who are a little older? They brought on Teyana Taylor with an ’80s feel. Fifth Harmony and Teyana Taylor both are sponsoring fitness music videos as well.

What about high fashion, these guys are really athletic and athleisure, something that has had trouble making it into Fashion walks? Don’t worry, they won’t pay to walk, but they will sponsor FREE 45 minute work outs at Gotham Gym (which just happens to be next to their show room). That’s right, they found a way to not pay for a walk but to get all the athletic wear buyers to come visit their work out and show rooms. They even made a special collection called “Fit to Fashion“.

What about guys though, particularly young men? Well, they are tied DEEP in with the UFC, with it not being uncommon that they are the only branded name on the ring. They are telling fighters what to wear, and what they can’t wear.

I’ve never notice Reebok, but a brief look in their direction shows that their advertising seems to surpace their parent company (Adidas) and they have more then secured themselves an existence in the next ten years by being a brand you can’t afford. Classic old economy model, make a decent product, and flood the channel with advertising.

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