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Flyleather boasts a carbon footprint that’s 80 percent smaller than traditional, full-grain leather and needs 90 percent less water to produce, according to Nike. It’s a material they’ve created to help promote global sustainability. Fashion, particularly fast fashion, is extremely hard on the environment. While many videos and articles are incredibly misleading on how hard it actually is, it is very difficult to argue that it’s good for the environment given the amount of waste materials that occur simply from unpurchased garments.

I don’t know Nike to actually use very much leather- so either they intend to start using leather of this is a material they’ve made just in case they need to use the patent. With out a doubt, if they were an indepedent start up this would be incredibly noteworthy. This is mostly because of how bad leather actually is to use- it doesn’t come on rolls making it harder to cute effectively, it has a large carbon footprint, the grain of leather changes drastically, and there isn’t much you can to with left over scraps.

They do a better job explaining how it’s made on their website, along with a little movie.

Nike Flyleather is 40-percent lighter and five times stronger than traditional leather. I think this is the big benefit- how much lighter and stronger it is than regular leather. Nike only has 5 products planned for release- all of them are shoes. Example photos of most of these products can’t be seen yet.

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