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The amount of data that exists about athletic and athleisure brands is seemingly endless- not so much that they are releasing, but the entry level data it takes to understand their brands. Most CEO’s have a list of thing’s they’ve done that is truly daunting. Others- like Nancy Green (Athleta CEO) is hard to find as the CEO and while she’s given many talks, she keeps a very tight brand in line with Athleta. Needless to say, I’m really starting to grasp the landscape now.

One thing I must mention is given how good a job Gym Shark has done at everything everyone else has, they sure don’t get a lot of attention and I’m not sure why. Meanwhile, you have overweight hillbillies in the news wearing Under Armour beating up bikers at gun point… well I doubt that is why Under Armour’s stock is down. I’m understanding the big winners more and more- but not why people are not making it and starting to lose. Pretty critical if I truly want to understand the athletic game.

The research and my day job haven’t left me much time for photo editing or photo taking. You might have noticed- it’s in a decline- with shoots becoming once a month once I hit November. I have about 6 articles ready to go they just lack the unique header designs I work on.


Editing Time (Athletic Wear Beating Traditional Fashion).

So every week models reach out wanting to work with me, and one reached out in a way that broke my heart. She used to be a runway model 15 years ago and is now past her perceived prime. This is a sad truth for 99.9% of fashion models- once you get past 25, their aren’t many jobs for you in traditional fashion. This rings true also to people insulting overweight fashion models at last week’s NYFW. Let’s be real now- when you are playing a game of status and beauty you get judged by people with their perceived notions of status and beauty- typically backed by society.

You know where I don’t see people attacking overweight and/or old models? Athletic and Athleisure.

Here you are judged more by your ability and perceived ability to accomplish the task- by people who are looking to be inspired and empowered. That’s Athleta’s meal ticket:

Let’s not forget Cody App as well- a Seattle based fitness application. They hosted an overweight teacher, and it was overwhelmingly met with positivity:

Meanwhile, Reebok rents out Gotham Gym near New York Fashion Week, and they offer free classes to people visiting for NYFW, and it was a massive success. I would say they had more attention then if they had tried walking their new collection instead of promoting it through their free work out. Old fashion economy is never going away– but when Jim Carrey mocking it is the biggest take away the American people relate to the event you know this hardly stable business is going to go through a decline. There is a new fashion player coming through the works with new ideas and new customers that have a much wider appeal. Athletic. Where your teacher’s fashion choices has more influence on you than celebrities and where fashion walks are traded in for work out classes.

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