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I want to do reporting on these brands, but I wanted to start by monitoring where they are socially and concerning UGC (User Generated Content). I started out by indexing all the Social Media profiles I could find easily:

This isn’t fully accurate, as I went with what I could find easily from the website. I’m sure most the brands have a Snapchat- I just couldn’t find it. Many of the brands have many Snapchats, but some of them could be ran by people outside of the organization. Blogs are another one – I know Athleta has a blog– but I’m unsure how to navigate it and when I find the  blog, the title is incomplete. I feel the same about Spotify- they probably all have one but its not intuitive how to navigate to it. Nike might have a Pinterest and Tumblr, but it’s so dominated by fan social media that you can’t easily discover the correct one.

Initial Social Media Rankings:

Tier 1

9 Fabletics, 9 Sweaty Betty, 9 FreePeople, 9 Material Girl

Tier 2

8 Lululemon, 8 Athleta, (Gap) 8 Underarmour, 8 Gym Shark

Tier 3

6 Nike, 7 Adidas

The lowest tiered ones as produce the highest quality content, and while you can’t easily find their brand’s solution they undoubtedly have the social media hidden aware somewhere. This ranking is simply about someone signing up on their social cold, from their website.

I’ll start paying more attention to how well the brands are doing on individual social media starting this week, I’ll probably be producing weekly reports, and reevaluate this list at the start of January.


Website Functionality Tools & UGC

Update: Adidas has an app, I have it installed.

These are a little bit more unequal in terms of how items are presented. I’m surprised more didn’t have video presentations and UGC, as only Sweaty Betty and Free People had them. Material Girl came in last, and while this company seems to be acting for years they still seem like they are setting up certain elements. Gym Shark had a store locator, but it didn’t work when I tried using it. Also, they didn’t seem to have reviews- something normally seen as basic in the industry. Many of them presented “life style” photos pretending to be UGC, but only FreePeople really delivered- I assumed because so much of it is filter through the app.

I don’t think Nike’s and Adidas lack of engagement on the website here is surprising- I bet they have versions of this, have done lots of testing, and doesn’t want to damage deals they have made with wholesalers. After all, Nike has a ton of applications. They also have customization for customers, when most brands don’t offer this type of solution for the more fashion focused perfectionist shoppers.

Tier 1

6 FreePeople (URBN), 5 Lululemon, 5 Athleta (Gap),  5 Sweaty Betty

Tier 2

4 Adidas, 4 Underarmour, 3 Fabletics, 3 Nike

Tier 1

2 Gym Shark, 1 Material Girl

It’s a little unfair to have Material Girl on the list as they are a Macy’s brand.

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