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Zella used to be managed by Kristen Harris, who under some snoping seems to now be working for Amazon’s athletic wear line “Amazon Active Apparel”.

Since then, Beth Flemings seems to have taken over the role.

Being a generic Nordstrom label brand limits the amount of promotion they can do, and the brand seems to lack any social media. They probably don’t want to come off as competing with their wholesale accounts.

Below is a list of general management at Nordstroms that probably has some sway over Zella:
Karen S. McKibbin
President, Nordstrom Rack
Scott A. Meden
Chief Marketing Officer
Blake W. Nordstrom
Co-President, Nordstrom, Inc.
Erik B. Nordstrom
Co-President, Nordstrom, Inc.
James F. Nordstrom, Jr.
President, Stores
Peter E. Nordstrom
Co-President, Nordstrom, Inc.

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